Monday, January 30, 2012

The Barn part five

Part five

My initial visit to the  old "Conner Family Cemetery" was in May of 2001. That same November my sisters and their husbands agreed to meet us at the cemetery, to see how just how much work really needed  to be done. We were hoping to talk to someone who was capable of repairing the tombstones, and trying to find a yard service that could clear the fallen trees.Well, when it rains it pours...and it did not stop raining the entire weekend. A real toad strangler as the locals would say. Our husbands quickly lost interest and returned to the motel to watch football.
My sisters and I had come into possession of a picture of the Conner family barn, hand hewn by our ggrandfather before the civil war,  and we heard that the collapsed structure was still on the property.We had been warned though ,in town ,not to be hanging around out there, as the people that rented the old house were often visited by the police;but oh how we wanted a piece of that barn!...So, off we went. Three brave sisters. The drive was long enough...that I came to my senses and offered to wait in the car and stand watch. Nancy and Suzanne scaled a muddy red cliff ,up the back side of the property,with the determination of  marines at Dunkirk . Not long after they disappeared,a scary looking man, in an old beat up pickup truck, stopped and asked me what I was doin? "My sisters are looking for their dog" I replied. About that time, Suzanne appeared and was yelling "here kitty kitty kitty."!!!!Luckily we all got out of there...with souvenirs of the barn in hand. Wet, and discouraged, we drove back to Texas in rain that just wouldn't stop, but there was a  light at the end of the tunnel.... and from a most unlikely source....please stay with me...

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