Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ice in Lullwater Park!

November and December found us on the road. We drove from Texas to Chicago, IL. to celebrate Thanksgiving with daughter number four. A couple of weeks later I flew to New York City to meet my daughters (numbers four and five) , returning home just long enough to do laundry, and head out two days later, with my husband driving from Texas to Atlanta, GA for Christmas (daughter number two and family)...continuing on up to Charlotte, NC ( daughter number four)before heading home! Whew! That is why my photos are all over the place! It seems a full time job to just visit our five daughters and families who are spread all over the USA!

When we are in Atlanta a favorite place to take a walk, anytime of the day, is Lullwater Park which is hidden near the campus of Emory University. The only problem with the beautiful park is there is no where to park, if you don't have an Emory parking sticker on your vehicle. But, my husband always seems to find a place...which usually adds at least a mile to our walk!

Okay why this so so picture.? (those that are still with me). It was early morning and cold. But, not cold enough to have ice crystal protruding out of the middle of the lake! (notice to the left). Upon further investigation.....I find out this is a temporary sculpture by artist John Grade a Seattle based environmentalist . These thin icy looking rods were made out of recycled plastic water bottles that had been elongated..

Since it is temporary (thru Apr.012) I was happy that we got to see it!
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