Thursday, January 26, 2012

Through the Hollow...part one

Or did he say holler? And what pray tell does that mean? Okay what is a fourth generation Texan, from a huge city ,doing in the backwoods of northern Mississippi asking directions to a small cemetery from an elderly man in the town library?

Flash back eleven years, which is when this happened. My last child had just headed to college and I had quit my job since my husband was retiring early. I wasn't fond of the idea of trekking off to work with him idle at home.

All of a sudden...does this happen to others in their fifties? I was wondering who came before me? All I knew about my Mother's family was: Her grandmother had come to north Texas in 1880 with her new husband from a northern Mississippi plantation. Okay, I know that word stops some people in their tracks. How about we call my ggreat grandfather a "planter." Which he was. Although prior to the Civil War he was a slave owner...That is simply the historical truth.

Back to the story...My husband  and I would sometimes make two driving trips a year from Texas to Georgia to see daughter # 2...So, why was I never curious to find this "plantation"? My grandmother and mother were no longer with us...and I was certainly not in contact with any long lost Mississippi relatives...But, I had been told the Conner family had their own cemetery...Surely I could find that....And I did...More tomorrow...Plz come back....
* Hollow or Holler can be a ravine  type of valley.... or low spot in the land
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  1. Exciting to follow your roots, I am curious to your results.