Saturday, January 21, 2012


When in doubt....cook! I seem to be struggling with what to post...When I am in Colorado there are endless scenes to capture, around here...not so many. Ever since our children grew up and left home...I find myself cooking a lot less. So, when I do it must be news worthy?

Baked some rosemary chicken and potatoes here....along with brussel sprouts that had been boiled in chicken broth with brown sugar added.
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  1. Janey:
    What are you doing posting at 4:45 in the morning???? Can't sleep? I have another friend who is a night owl and I get emails posted at 2:00 AM and all sorts of times when normal folks are asleep!
    Loved the picture of the "big house" which your grandparents purchased the year I was born. What a shame to tear it down. Wonder if the German baron ever shot a buffalo? Sounds like he came a few years too late for that hunt.
    Can't wait for your posts from Colorado. How do I sign up to get this blog regularly? I have never visited a blog until this one. Hope you inject some of your great humor into it.
    Peggy Jo