Sunday, January 29, 2012

Calling in the troops part four

Fourth in a series

Okay...this project ( read previous posts) was too large for one person. Luckily, I had come across some distant cousins on an online genealogy chat room, who were  also descendants of Boley Conner. I introduced them electronically to each other , one of them calling my attention to a  chat room  listing of  yet another  family member...the man  who actually had been trying to care for the cemetery! Sonny  had  put out an appeal  to any descendants of this family to please HELP!...a  storm had damaged the cemetery, actually devastated  it ; which was  certainly apparent to me. From there the plan evolved ...Thankfully my two older sisters joined the team....Ramona,Sarah, Nancy, Suzanne and Janey.Two cousins, along with my two sisters.....together we devised a plan...Come with us tomorrow when we go back to the cemetery.....


  1. Interesting story Janey, it is like a serial.

  2. I love this story and look forward to hearing about what you discovered....