Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Dutch House

Someone was discussing thatched roofs this week... so I took a photo of the painting of the house we lived in in Wassanaar, The Netherlands many years ago. Thatched roofs were when it happened to need a roof when we lived got one. A stout older workman (an artist in my eyes) lived on my roof for three months. Cutting the thatch without power tools, tying it and strapping it on his back and climbing up to sew it in . It was the custom for the housewife to serve workers coffee around 10am. So I would go out with coffee and a cookies. The whole process was a treat that I will remember forever..
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  1. What a lovely painting of a very beautiful house. You were lucky to live there. Yes the roofs are handmade by a "rietdekker" which is a lot of work. Unfortunately they are a bit incendive and now and then they burn down.

  2. Jane, I love the picture of your house. I hope we get to see it in person when we are in the Amsterdam area. Sandra