Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All Aboard!

No, it's not a photograph of baggage's the luggage department of a local department store. Do I have cabin fever?...I guess so. Along about this time of year I find myself wanting to hit the road (or in this case the sky). Now that we are discussing it....luggage that is. Have noticed the changes over the years? I think the biggest change has certainly been the addition  of wheels. At first, we all had those little contraptions we strapped onto the bag so that we could pull it...then they got smart enough to attach some wheels. Eventually, wheels became spinners so you could push the bag in any direction without tilting it. Now, they all seem to be advertising how little they weigh. Well, I have another suggestion....baggage tags with GPS's so that your bag arrives where you do! That's about it folks. I am ready to pack one of those light weight spinners.....just wish I had somewhere to go!
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  1. I am very glad with the wheels, it is so much easier to walk around now.

  2. I have a "collection" of luggage, but my standard whether travel for business or abroad for almost any length of time is a very lightweight (6lbs) softside 22" rollerboard. I do not know how we managed before "the wheels!"