Friday, February 3, 2012

Please leave your muskets at the door! part nine

  continued.. (scroll to Through The Hollow for part one)

 Letters went out in the Fall of '02. It was finally time for  the cemetery dedication and celebration . We were to meet at the town's library to get acquainted and have a light lunch before caravaning to the cemetery. Several of us brought food to share and ordered sandwich trays locally. I had to giggle when  we went in search of parsley to dress up the sandwich trays. The only green things at the  local super market  were lettuce, green beans, cabbage and collard greens, ...Seems parsley was not a local staple!. Please don't let me ruffle your feathers with my Mississippi comments. They are all done with tongue in cheek. It is a beautiful state with warm and friendly people. Besides, I obviously came from there.

We were thrilled to have twenty five descendants of  the Conner family in attendance ,and  amazed that the last  surviving grandchild of the Conner's was able to make the trip.

No, the guys pictured above  are not Conner's They are members of the local chapter of the Sons of the Confederacy, who by now had become our heroes! (and yes they were armed). Come back tomorrow and I'll finally show you the cemetery....and those guns!

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  1. So nice that you rememeber so much, I enjoy your stories and email, thanks, Nancy

  2. Janey, you have me on the edge of my seat and I KNOW this story already! Polly