Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welfare, Fist Fights and Golf part seven

Continued from yesterday...

The rag tag cemetery restoration committee, which consisted of two internet cousins and three sisters had devised a plan!

We would do a mail out to everyone we were kin to (southern for related to) or even thought we were related to, and solicit donations. I can tell you that several of the folks that received that plea (especially those in Miss.) must have thought we were a bunch of snake oil salesmen, by the way the donations were trickling in. Still determined, we contacted the Miss. Dept. of Archives and History to see if there were any state funds for the care of abandoned cemeteries. Found out that that was left up to the individual counties. Having asked a local what the industry was around there ? ..and gotten the reply "Government Checks" I wasn't too hopeful.

In the mean time, good ole Ramona had discovered that Boley had been a charter member of the local Masonic Lodge and had served twice as Worshipful Master. Surely they would help us! ! Our hopes were dashed when they discovered that Boley had been expelled for beating the hell out of the newly elected Worshipful Master. Hmmm ...back to the drawing board.

Golf, my husband plays weekly, and has played with the same foursome for thirty odd years (only recently losing one  to old age). Anyway, golf buddy Carl told my husband that his wife was involved in a similar project in would you believe it?...the state of MISSISSIPPI! He said he had information on how we could get our cemetery declared a state HISTORICAL SIGHT! Oh this could be our hole in one! If we could accomplish this, the state would have to care for it! There was our light ! .....the saga continues....
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  1. My husband is from Natchez and I have truly enjoyed this saga... waiting for your next installment!

    I think that you have another career budding here!


  2. Janey, you are too funny! I love your asides.