Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Momento

Remember the huge tree that toppled Boley's tombstone? (see prev. posts) Well, Sonny the family member that tried to care for the cemetery,who has since passed away himself, made a paper weight for several of us out of that very tree. The tree was either there when Boley was buried back in 1898, or planted at that time to shade his grave. Etched into that polished wood, which is in the shape of the state of Mississippi, is a map to the cemetery.It really means a lot to me.

I have to tell you something funny, (those that have followed this cemetery saga). Sometime during the year and a half that we were trying so hard to accomplish the restoration. I attended a luncheon in the city I live. There was a professor from some prestigious university giving a motivational speech. I was, I must confess, more interesed in my chocolate gnash cheesecake....until I heard the word genealogy. She said " You folks  that are so absorbed in genealogy, may  think you  just became interested in your ancestors; but, let me tell you... It is actually someone calling you from the grave".. Not only did she get my attention...but a chill ran up my spine!

Come back tomorrow and I will share a picture that was found in a Mississippi attic.....
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  1. It is a beautiful piece of work made of the wood, how nice. So you were called from the grave really? It is funny to see it that way.

  2. Very nice, can't wait until tomorrow! Nancy Gane