Monday, February 20, 2012

Crepe Murder

No, that was not a typo....that is how some gardener refers to the act of cutting back your Crepe Myrtle Trees.....Crepe Murder. We have Crepe Myrtles all over the south. They provide beautiful color in the hot summer months, with blossoms that resemble clusters of grapes . For years we, like everyone else I know, have always cut ours back. . My husband and I gauge  when to do this by the professional yard crews. These, pictured above, were trimmed this week....prompting my husband to get out our heavy clippers and cut ours back as well.

Well, now I read that some gardener, called by the way..... The Grumpy Gardener..... said that  there is no reason to do this and it is actually bad for the tree! I wonder, do we sometimes follow suit without checking into things....or should we call this guy The Lazy Gardener? Any thoughts on this?
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  1. Between these and the azaleas there is always a discussion about cutting. We do not cut either but only because they are all planted in areas where they can grow forever. We did not always do it like this and our subdivision looks much like your photo. All of the public areas of Mobile trim at least the crepes