Thursday, February 2, 2012

Saved by the Mysterious Grave part eight

This cemetery saga started several posts back....see Through the Hollow  for part one

You've got to be kidding! What do you mean we have to pay for the Historical Marker ourselves?! This after having to furnish over seventy pages of documents documenting every single grave in that cemetery! Why one grave, even Romona couldn't figure his connection to the family. That beautiful sign is going to look awfully silly in front of what is still a waste land of a cemetery. Yes, we have donations, Suzanne, Nancy and Sarah had been busily collecting them; but added all together, they just barely cover the cost of the sign. How could we have been so naive to think we could make this happen?
Enter The Sons of the Confederacy. An organization of men ,who for some reason like to dress up in Confederate War Uniforms and reenact battles from a war that ended almost 150 years ago. We had at least four Confederate soldiers buried in our cemetery but didn't realize we had a fifth. James S. Baines, that unknown person, that last grave way back there by the fence was not only a confederate soldier, but for some reason ,was one that was held up as a hero by the local Sons of the Confederacy Chapter. Enough of a hero that they offered to make our cemetery restoration their club project for the year .Listen carefully , can you hear that? That's us whistling Dixie!

Come back tomorrow for the dedication. Straight out of Gone With The Wind! Well, almost:)
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  1. You must find an publisher, you really can write a book!

  2. I can see the Marker, great photo, still can't see that sweet potato.....Nancy Gene

  3. Thank you Marianne! I can only write things I am passionate about...and this was one!