Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Place to be Photographed

It is customary for brides to have their wedding portraits taken in beautiful locations, and there are many that use the  Dallas Arboretum to do just that . Although, we did not spot any brides on our trip there on Friday.
 What we did see was this. These are young ladies having their Quinceanera portraits taken.
The Quinceanera which is both a religious and social event is the coming of age of a fifteen year old Mexican girl. This is a big event in their lives....and it is a huge celebration.
Traditionally the dresses they wore were white or pink...but the modern young women have ventured out. I rather like the turquoise one.


  1. This is a wonderful ceremony, and I imagine the girls feel pretty special. I have seen many of these bonita senoritas in México and hope to see more. We have just planned for a January month in Mazatlán and cannot wait to get there!

    1. Yeah! Happy to hear that Kate. I know how you love that warm weather down there in January!.!

  2. The gowns look very southern and antebellum. Beautiful colors, too.

  3. I have heard of this before. The blue one catches my eye.