Monday, October 5, 2015

Long Time Friends

We will spend Halloween weekend babysitting our little granddaughter Hannah, so that her Mom can go to her friend Jamie's wedding.
a recent photo
Has it really been sixteen years since these long time friends graduated from high school?

Jamie (left) and Katy (my youngest), are not only long time friends, but were academic leaders in their high school graduating class of approximately 600. As I recall, they both finished in the top 1% of their class. Is it any wonder that Jamie is now an attorney and Katy, who has an engineering degree, is the assistant to the CIO of a major computer manufacturer. Proud of these girls....Can you tell?
 Our best wishes to the new bride.


  1. They both look lovely girls, beautiful and bright too - the world is their oyster.

  2. Aww thanks mom! We for sure had fun at her bachelorette party this weekend. Can't wait for the wedding!