Friday, October 9, 2015

The Cattle Drive

Okay, I keep talking about this twice a day cattle drive in the Ft. Worth, Texas stockyards. Maybe I should show you? Thanks again to my sister Polly. She also took these on the photo tour she recently took.
 Yep, every day with the exception of Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas these guys (that's the Texas Longhorns), are paraded up Exchange street in the famous Fort Worth stockyards at 11:30am' and again at 4:00pm
You  get to see the cowboys too.

I know the tourist sure like it. Great shot Polly!
So, now you have no excuse, provided you are in Ft. Worth to miss the cattle drive!


  1. I think in that last picture, that longhorn is giving me the evil eye!

  2. Those longhorns are not to be messed with!

  3. Every day, amazing! That last caw is very special with all his dots. And those horns are huge!

  4. Those horns look like serious weapons.