Monday, October 19, 2015

Ooh La La

Well, it is official, we are going on another European river cruise, and seems my husband loves to see how many friends we can get to go along. Last time cruising the Rhine, I think we had 46! We don't take the group discount for being the organizers....we just reduce all of our friends fares.
This time we are going to France....several nights in Paris, and then seven nights cruising through Provence, ending with a night in Monte Carlo. So, why am I showing you an Eiffel Tower guest towel? Well, we are having  our fellow travelers to dinner on Saturday night, (sort of a meet and greet). It will be a buffet,so I went in search of napkins with a Paris theme...and this is what I found.
A little demonstration, if you will, of what I did.. I folded up about an inch of the bottom.This is so your utensils don't fall out on your foot.
insert the knife
 Wrap both sides of the napkin across the knife, and fasten with a small elastic band.
Flip it over. Now you are ready to insert the fork and spoon. If you try to put them in when you did the would be be pulling your hair out...believe me!
Now apply a second small elastic band near the top.

Now my utensils are ready for the buffet table. Have you ever noticed how many words we have in English language for the same item? Silverware,utensils, cutlery,stainless. Hmmm. I know it is only Sunday night, but I have a busy week ahead, and my Mother taught me: "Don't put off until tomorrow the things that you can do today".

In case you are wondering I do have several sets of utensils, so poor Tom will not be eating with his hands all week :).

 By the way,I found the tiny black elastic bands in the hair products section of the store.


  1. Oh Janey you did it again, organizing another tour! The Provence is beautiful, Monte Carlo is very touristique, a bit weird place to be, but I liked it to see with my own eyes. You always have read about it and it is nice to see it yourself how the rich live their lifes.

  2. My sister reminded me that I forgot two: plate settings and flatware. Isn't that amazing!

  3. Dearest Janey,
    That looks very pretty; you are a clever lady and this is perfect for the theme.
    Happy that you got this organized and get to go together with several friends.
    Sending you hugs,

  4. What a fab idea Janey, I'm a wee bit green with envy over your upcoming trip.. Paris aaaaah!

  5. What a fab idea Janey, I'm a wee bit green with envy over your upcoming trip.. Paris aaaaah!