Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Home Town

My home town of Sherman, Texas had a population of around thirty thousand when I was growing up, and is not much larger today. It is about sixty five miles north of Dallas, not too far from the Oklahoma border.
 There are many beautiful old homes there. A large number of the these homes were built with wood siding and not brick, therefore many have been lost over time. I was so happy to see that this one, located at the corner of Birge and N. Woods St. had been restored.

The home was built in 1896 by Allen Birge (hence the name of the street). Mr. Birge and his family moved from Connecticut to east Texas in 1860, where he was a successful business man and was elected sheriff. He served as an officer in the Confederate Army before moving to Sherman, where he was  in the cotton brokerage business.

This home remained in the Birge family until 1969.


  1. Yes I love those wooden houses and this one is so well renovated.

  2. That's a beauty! I would love to see the inside.

  3. It is a classic beauty and very well-maintained.