Saturday, October 31, 2015


Well it is Halloween! It seems every year there are more and more decorations about, both inside and outside  people's homes. Don't get me wrong....I have always enjoyed the holiday, and have wonderful memories of Halloween night both as a child  and as a parent. I think it is a real family time event, with parents accompanying their little goblins up and down the street....and parties where  whole neighborhoods seem to attend.
Here are some spooky specimens for sale at a nearby big box store.

 and I have shown you this gate before, to a  large estate, where they go all out
Inflatables are popular too, for your yard. This kitty though seems to be laying down on the job.
So how do we decorate? I would say I have scaled down. The same old pumpkin gourd, on the door, year after year.
Do you decorate for Halloween?
Whether or not you do, have a safe but hopefully spooky time tonight...Janey


  1. It is something we never had here, but commerce is introducing everything to make money and now we have to celebrate something that has no tradition here at all. I do not participate.

  2. No decorations, not even a gourd. And where I live - no trick or treaters!

  3. Dearest Janey,
    We had only two sets of trick or treaters coming to our door. And we don't decorate at all!

  4. Hi ya janey! you are such a sweetie for wondering where I've been! I've a LOT of blog catching up to do for sure! Halloween has never been a really huge thing here so that's why I love seeing how its all done and celebrated over your way. I hope you and yours are all happy and well and I'll be putting more time back in to blogland. Take care Janey! x