Friday, October 23, 2015

The Seed

Yesterday I wrote about persimmons....which I was surprised to see for sale at the grocery store.
Barb commented that she liked the seeds....and Rosemary said the persimmons she eats have no seeds. Well, some persimmons do have seeds, anywhere from one to eight, and others don't. Happiness is finding no seeds...since that way you get more fruit! Seems the persimmons without seeds didn't get pollinated. Found out something a little more interesting. They say you can predict the winter weather by cutting open the seeds.
Seeds that show a spoon inside are predicting a heavy wet snow.
 Those with a fork.....powdery light snow
and a knife indicates you will be cut by icy winds!
Who knew ?!

More interesting facts: Some folks use  toasted, crushed  seeds as a coffee extender, and Confederate soldiers even used them as buttons.


  1. Thank you Janey - what interesting facts surround the delicious persimmon you have found, and imagine that the seeds can be used as a coffee supplement, that is, if you find any - looks as though you are in for heavy wet snow then!

  2. I agree with Rosemary, fascinating fact.. I wouldn't even have thought to cut the seed. I might have to buy a persimmon just to have a look, though the possibility of snow here is highly unlikely :)

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  5. Loved these facts. However, I was mistaken in my comment yesterday - it's pomegranate seeds I buy at Whole Foods!

  6. Very unexpected facts. Hopefully the spoon seed confirms we'll have lots of snow.

  7. There is a lot to tell about these fruits. I will remember the weather predictions. Hope you keep us informed this winter.

  8. Dearest Janey,
    That is quite interesting!
    Guess ours had no seeds, not that I remember. We could keep them for some 6 weeks, like apples and eat them like an apple too. We did take them with us to work in Indonesia, where they never had seen this fruit. Each continent has its own varieties.
    We do also have some small persimmons for the birds: {Our Diospyros virginiana L - Eastern Persimmon}
    In the search box, top right on my blog if you put in the word Persimmon you will find it.

  9. This kind of weather forecast is probably just as reliable as our televised media.