Saturday, October 3, 2015

Getting Settled

Hi,...I am here. Texas that is. It seems to take longer each time we do this, to get settled! Then we spend a lot of time setting up doctors appointment for yearly check-ups. Have to make sure that we are fit, so we can return to the mountains next summer!
I have shown this picture before. We have a wall on both sides of our town house that frankly has been a little difficult to get use to. So, we ask of landscaper to do this. That is not our wall, just and example of what we want it to look like. He explained that it would take a while to grow in.

We were actually pleased at how much it had grown over the summer. Ft. Worth had a very dry hot summer, so I think it is doing very well. There is an underground irrigation system, so it does get water. Now we just need to add a little Fall color to the beds.

We usually give away our hanging baskets to locals before we leave Colorado...but I just could not part with these trailing geraniums. They came home with us.
I will try to get out and find something interesting to post ...very soon. Janey


  1. Dearest Janey,
    Wow, those trailing geraniums are gems and it would break my heart too for leaving them behind. They will enjoy the next couple of months in their new surroundings!
    You stil need to do a lot of pruning and trimming on that vine growing up the wall. It grows but not exactly the way we always want it to go... Gardening, no matter what scale, never is easy. Lots of work!
    Hugs to you and enjoy your much needed weekend.

    1. Marietta,

      Since we are gone half the year, we have a full time yard crew...and they will keep it trimmed.

  2. Your geraniums are very pretty.

  3. oh, your wall is starting well! awesome!

  4. Your wall is growing green piece by piece, it will be very nice.

  5. Lovely - I have only ever seen one wall done like that with ivy, and it looks wonderful. Your wall is coming on brilliantly you must be very pleased.

  6. Interestig walls. Do you need to trim them?