Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Mountain Drive

Anytime I want to get out of the cabin, it is nice to drive up the mountain to Deer Lakes.
It is always cooler up there, since it is above 10,000 ft.
 and I usually can find some flowers to photograph.
It is a great place to fish too. I like that you can get a one day fishing license ...which is great for your guests who have no need for a one year pass.
 This aerial view will give you an idea why Lakes is plural. There are four small lakes. Each one is a slightly lower elevation from the one at the top. The top one being the one on the left. We always fish in either two or three, but enjoy hiking up to one.
 There are a lot of other things to see in the area, like this abandoned cabin.
It is also the number one place to spot a moose. The two we spotted this day were in the distance, and half hidden by brush.
Do you have a favorite drive of destination when you want to get out of the house?


  1. Looks a delightful spot that you have on your doorstep

  2. Dearest Janey,
    Oh at that altitude it is such a wondrous world to explore with camera in hand!

  3. It's the remnant trunk of that tree that really catches my eye.

  4. That is quite a height to hike up to, but what wonderful views.

  5. There is so much scenery that that you have many delghtful choices.