Friday, August 12, 2016

The Modern Home Tour

I help with the home tours up here, and last week we had the modern home tour.
We toured three lovely places of a cold rainy day.
There were some great kitchens.
This one with a fancy sink,
and even one with vintage appliances.
There were cozy bedrooms
and some that were just super cute.
Some had places to play
and others to work.
Oh and most had decks with views
and this one a great place to sit and visit.
I think a lot of people had fun visualizing themselves living here
in one of these beautiful cabins high in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.
I hope that you can come see for yourself.
Our home tours are usually in early August.


  1. They are pretty spots. That pool table appeals to me!

  2. What a great job to have a peak inside all those houses!

  3. I could not get two of the photos but the rest made up for it. Lovely interiors and the decks are perfect for the scenery, I'd bet!

  4. I returned and got the photos of the bedrooms. The bunk beds are designed beautifully designed.

  5. They sure make me dream of living in the Rockies.

  6. Dearest Janey,
    No doubt that are very interesting tours of homes. Modern or whatever. So much to be admired in that area.
    Thanks for sharing it.