Saturday, August 13, 2016

North and South

I have pictured this waterfall several times on this blog.
It is North Clear Creek Falls about a thirty minute drive from our house. We visit this place regularly when we have guests. Notice the road in the distance. From that road you have no idea that there is a magnificent waterfall so close by.
Well, I kept reading over the years about another falls nearby.....and had never been to investigate.
So, we got directions off of the Internet, and off we went.
This seems to be the entrance..
There was a well defined trail down the side of the hill. The tiny rocks do tend slide under your feet, so we were happy we had brought along our hiking sticks.
My problem is I am so busy looking out at the views, I really don't watch where I am going,
 oh,and don't forget to look up.
This is the payoff at the end of the trail
South Clear Creek Falls. (more than worth the trip)
We stopped at a favorite picnic table on the way home to eat the lunch we had packed. Notice we are in the sun. Well, we are at such a high altitude at this point that we still had to wear jackets.
What a fun Saturday morning we had. I hope that you too are enjoying your weekend.


  1. Beautiful! I haven't seen any waterfalls, yet. Loved your pictures, Janey! And how fun to have picnics in the mountains!

  2. Oh wow that is great waterfall. I always like to see one as we haven't any here in our flat country.

  3. Dearest Janey,
    Wow, what a reward for walking that trail! Such stunning beauty. Happy for you and yes, we worked in the tropics in Indonesia at an altitude of 7,000 ft and always had to wear a jacket too. People often don't understand that.
    We had a fun Saturday bike ride but got soaking wet as suddenly from 3 sides the clouds pulled up and we had a strong thunderstorm. BUT I could bike even faster with the wind and the rain in my back... Haha, always look at the sunny side of things.

  4. I agree that the scenery is stunning!