Monday, August 1, 2016

Historical Tour part lll

Our third and final interior home tour happens to be our oldest, built by a German Immigrant in 1881
Constructed of locally made bricks, it was a showplace displaying  graceful arched windows.
The porch with it's lonic columns was added in 1911 and the back section 1n 2007.
Mr. Kohler arrived in our town in 1876 as a young twenty something, and opened our first drugstore.
While workmen were putting the final touches on his home, Mr. Kohler returned to Germany to get married. The home was presented to his bride on their return as a wedding gift. 
The Smith's who own the home today have had it for sixty years are only the third owners. Surprisingly all previous owners left their furnishing behind. I guess it wasn't easy to move a house full of furniture through the mountains at that time.
We were delighted to see that the Smiths have taken such good care of these treasures over the years.
How about these kerosene lamps that were mounted on both sides of this bed.
Mr. Kohler sounded like a real romantic to me. He ordered this piano for his wife Sophia. When it arrived in town he ask her to run an errand, and had it set up in the parlor when she returned!
The parlor being heated by this stove,

and just around the corner, the wood cook stove still stands, although the Smith's have installed a modern stove as well.  In 1909 the Kohler's moved to settle Cedaredge, Co.Sophia noticing a row of Cedar trees there....hence the name of the town.
 Our tour always concludes with refreshments. This time we set up across the street from the Kohler home in the inviting yard of the Presbyterian Church.

So, if you are ever in our neck of the woods. Check the town calendar (available at the information center), for the interior homes tours....and join us.


  1. how cool to have original furnishings! and only 3 owners! he was a romantic. :)

  2. What a delightful wedding gift! The three homes you visited are quite different and an interesting comment on teistory of the place. for some reason, I am still amused by "Hell's Acre."

  3. That was a fab tour Janey and as you say all good tours should end with yummy refreshments 😃

  4. Dearest Janey,
    Just love this kind of living history!
    He sure WAS a romantic and how long must it have taken him to go to Germany for bringing her back 'HOME'... Incredible. And I bet you she wept when she came home to that artful piano.
    Thanks for sharing this great cultural heritage of the region.

  5. Those are nice stories to tell us about. It is as if we walked with you through the house.