Saturday, August 6, 2016

A Night on the Town

Tom and I are not really into the nightlife scene, but we did enjoy our evening out in Colorado Springs.
We went out to the beautiful 5 star resort The Broadmoor. It was opened in 1891 by *Spencer Pemrose who aimed for European Elegance with Western Hospitality. It is a place that has not lost it's appeal over the years and has only gotten better and better.
I have been lucky enough to stay twice at this beautiful property, but the current room rates on a retired budget are a bit extravagant. We do visit there for dinner or in this case a before dinner drink

at their indoor, outdoor bar

It overlooks the lake on the property,and is  a great place for people watching.
They do have an exquisitely decorated lobby
several grand ballrooms
and even a cozy library.
Oh did I mention that they also have complimentary valet parking. Look closely....yes that is a Lotus,
and the poor valet kid could not figure out how to drive it, and had to summon for help.

Meanwhile, back at the bar,Tom and I certainly enjoyed the rocking chairs by the outdoor fireplace.

Oh,we did go to dinner. We had reservations at a darling place called Edelweiss (yes German food), where we chose to eat on the patio (which was bustling with patrons).
*Spencer Pemrose who hailed fro Philadelphia was a wildly successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist who left his mark on Colorado Springs.


  1. The Broadmoor has an Italinate look about it and I am pleased to see that Tom is now well again.

  2. The Broadmoor is quite impressive, Janey!

  3. For a moment feeling like the rich and famous!