Thursday, August 4, 2016

An Old Mansion

At least once during the summer, Tom and I like to get away to what we call civilization. So, we headed over to Colorado Springs this week. It is only a little over four hours drive, but after being in this very small town
since June felt light years away.
The traffic was a bit disconcerting, as was the traffic see our town doesn't even have one.
So, we were happy to arrive at our B and B which was in the Historical District. A quiet neighborhood full of beautiful old mansions
I noticed this grand place on our morning walk. I was happy to see the small fence.So many of these places put high walls so that folks can not see in. It served it's purpose of keeping people off of the grass, without obstructing the view. Tomorrow I will show you part of our drive and the sweet B an B.
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  1. pretty place! glad you enjoyed your getaway to civilization. ha!

  2. Despite its beauty, I think I prefer your mountain home rather than "civilisation."

  3. A lovely old home! Enjoy your civilised vacation!!!

  4. Dearest Janey,
    Glad you did arrive safely and that is not far from your quiet town.
    Lovely photos and looking forward to the rest...

  5. I like that house. I see a lot of that area through Tamera's blog.

  6. That is a beautiful place with a nice little fence. - Can't imagine living in a town so small though that you don't have even 1 traffic light.

  7. I recognize that feeling, we have the same and then we run to Amsterdam to smell some city petrol and see other people. :)