Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Still Here

Every once in awhile I just get too busy around here to find computer time. Sorry. I really haven't taken many pictures lately, so I will share some that a visiting friend took.
A bull moose taking it easy along Cebolla Creek.
A Bald Eagle looking for breakfast at the south end of our lake,
and a marmot, posing oh so nicely.
Among all of the other things I have been up to, I (on the left),have been playing golf with the ladies golf much fun...That is my dear friend Linda.

Tonight is Weds. and our little movie theater plays classic movies on Weds. Back To The Future is playing. Doesn't that sound like fun!? I think we may go. Back to making a grocery list...we have guests arriving...and cleaning this place. I will return! Janey


  1. Quite a lot of animal company around you!

  2. You have some real wildlife overthere. That Moose is amazing. I have never played golf, only the small one, Midget Golf :)

  3. Hi Janie, That's absolutely the biggest, fattest marmet I've ever seen. I went out eatly this morning and was alert for moose. Neighbors have seen them and there is dung in our yard but so far I haven't seen one since last fall.

  4. Do you have time to rest :)!!

    1. No Kate...I have to go back to Texas to do that.