Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Museum Hill-Santa Fe

High on a hill on the outskirts of Santa Fe is Museum Hill
There are several museums up there, but on this quick trip, we only had time for one
While waiting for the doors to open (we arrived early) we discovered the beautiful courtyard
where there were several pretty sculptures
This being one of my favorites
They were all by different New Mexico Artists
You certainly couldn't miss this enormous warrior. I had trouble getting a good shot due to the location of the sun.
The sculpture titled Apache Mountain Spirit Dancer was done by Craig Goseyan in 1995.
The Folk Art museum, unlike most museums, is open seven days a week...and worth a visit it you are ever in Santa Fe.


  1. I like all the sculptures very much Janey but oh my the Apache Mountain Spirit Dancer is magnificent!

  2. It's hard to pick a favourite among those sculptures.

  3. Very nice sculptures there Janey!