Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Vintage Home Tour part 3

The final house on our Vintage Home Tour (see two previous posts), sits on a hill at  the south end of downtown.
Finished in 1883...this is what it looked like in the 1940's, but don't let it's rundown state confuse you. When it was completed in the later part of the nineteenth century ..it was a mansion to behold. The most expensive construction of a family home to date (1883)...coming in at a whopping $4,000 dollars. The man who started it was a mine owner in addition to owning a furniture store, a liquor store, and numerous acres of land, but I guess anyone can fall on hard times. His economic slump led to great financial loss aggravated by alcoholism and a bit of insanity. He was last seem running screaming to a mountaintop where he was never seen again. ...well, until his body was found ten years plus. The home was finally completed though,
and  regained it's status as the mansion on the hill. A subsequent owner added the Mansard roof which made space for many more rooms in the house. An early twentieth century owner, who had an upper mountain ranch , used this home during the winter so their children could be close to school.
Like most everyone in our town, the home owners had a beautiful view of the mountains.
This concludes our home tour until next summer.
Stay tuned for another annual event!.


  1. Beautiful mansion...

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  2. A sad end to the owner, but it looks good now.

  3. That home is a wonderful restoration. Sometimes people unfortunately fall on very hard times.

  4. What a treat to see the old mansion looking so good Janey, it would have been easier to knock it down I'm so happy to see they didn't!