Friday, August 4, 2017

Vintage Home Tour

I help with the home tours in this little town. We had the modern home tour last week and sorry..I didn't even take a picture....but I made up for it this week when we had the Vintage Home Tour.
The first home on the tour was a Queen Anne style completed in 1902 by a butcher shop owner who built it as a rental property.
The current owners, who use it as a summer cottage, have owned it for four years and named it Lavender Cottage. They have been tirelessly restoring it.
I was tickled that the home owner got in the spirit of things and dressed for the occasion!
We had a nice sized turn out, between 40 and 50 people. We always gather out in front and our local historian Grant tells us the history of the home. He by the way is a gifted storyteller.
 I apologize for not getting very many pictures. Like the sweet front parlor with it's orginal floors and the cheerful kitchen. I did get a picture of the only bedroom.There were two bedrooms, but that was before indoor bathrooms the back bedroom was made into a bath.
The bedroom did not have a closet. The owners built this closet which I think looks like it has been there all along.
There was a lot of attention to detail
The new bathroom was certainly cute with it's claw footed tub

and there was great tiled shower.
There was even an extra tub in the backyard...used as a planter. There was also an out building that was built to be guest quarters.
Tomorrow I will show you the second house which was built in 1903.


  1. So nice to have a look inside the home. The lady of the house looks wonderful.

  2. Beautifully decorated. They must love their house as reflected in the decorations and care given it.