Saturday, August 5, 2017

Vintage Home Tour part 2

The second home on our tour was probably my favorite, mainly due to my love of history. I warn may find this lengthy!
This little odd shaped cottage built in 1897 has had some additions...but has remained in the same family over the years. The lady in the checked shirt, who is in her 70th decade, spends the summers with her husband in what was her grandmother's house. Although the family goes back beyond her grandmother in this little mountain town.

Meet her great grandmother Emma. Emma arrived in Lake City, Co from Missouri in 1880 with her small son from a previous marriage. In 1881 Emma, who was virtually deaf from a bout with the measles as a teenager, married German Immigrant Herman Mayer in 1881. They had two daughters. The oldest also named Emma.
This is the Emma whose house we toured. As I said, her granddaughter Donna lives in the house now. Donna explained how the house served as the office for Lake City's first tourist cabins. 
Donna's grandmother (Emma) had only one daughter. Since the house only had one bedroom at the time. Donna's Mother slept on a bed in the dining room that was hidden in this dresser. Yes, it was probably a forerunner to the Murphy Bed.
This was grandma Emma's bedroom. Donna and her husband have lovingly kept things as they were.

Although, since Donna has a large family they converted the attic into a bunkhouse of sorts, with cozy colorful alcoves.

I especially liked the bathroom  with it's stained glass windows
and bright red towels hanging on tree branches.
 The large backyard has not changed at all either. I think most of you know what this is.
There were numerous out building all in their original state.
Tomorrow this third house that was the most expensive house of it's time 1883


  1. I love the way Emma has updated the house with modern coloured towels, stain glass windows etc. but without detracting from the original home.
    It must have been very difficult being deaf in the 1880s when there was no help with regard to hearing aids, unlike today with tiny digital aids that work so well.

  2. How fantastic Janey. I agree with Rosemary above, I love the way the family have retained the original essence of the home but at the same time added necessary modifications. Loved Lavender Cottage yesterday also, very pretty. I love that as a small community you have many fun things to keep you entertained!

  3. Lovely house, glad the toilets have improved to be inside nowadays :)

  4. The unusually shaped cottage is very appealing. Loved the Murphy bed dresser. Clever!

  5. It's the rocking chair that particularly catches my eye.