Sunday, November 1, 2015

Stay Off of the Roads!

My husband and I pride ourselves in keeping abreast of the weather. One of our daughters, visiting from College several years ago, was a bit horrified that we actually knew the names of the commentators on The Weather Channel. I think she was thinking,"surely they don't call this entertainment "? My husband Tom is a bit more, shall we say, weather obsessed .
So, we were a bit shocked by the weather we encountered on our way south, to Austin, Texas on Friday morning. The forecast called for light rain and possible "scattered" thunder storms. Oh man! There was a torrential downpour the entire way! Tom kept saying we needed to turn back, but due to road construction, and exits being closed, we couldn't even get off of the freeway!
To make matters worse the vehicle keeping pace with us was, believe it or not, the THUNDER TRUCK!

Oh you don't know what that is you say. Well, it is a truck belonging to the NBC affiliate Channel five in Ft. Worth. A Ford F-250 pickup truck that is equipped with all kinds of special technology, making it possible to report, not only from the aftermath of a major storm, but live while driving through it!
Scary enough that  it is headed the same way we are, but it is 120 miles from Ft.Worth. I am thinking that there is something very newsworthy ahead!
To make a long story short. It wasn't good driving weather. The trip that normally takes us three hours, took four and a half. More tomorrow on soggy Austin.


  1. I go by the assumption that any forecast beyond the next three hours starts losing accuracy by the hour. Rough weather for a drive!

  2. oh, i watched some of their reporting from austin area from the thundertruck! dreadful time for you to head there!

  3. I usually do not like driving in a downpour either. Glad you arrived safely.

  4. I saw some frightening images of Texas here on television. That frigtening car doesn't help much to feel safe :(