Monday, November 23, 2015


After meandering through the Texas countryside, we finally did arrive at our daughter's house in Austin. (daughter #5 that is). Katy arrived home from work, and I went with her to the grocery store to get something to cook for dinner. She goes to a wonderful grocery store..and it is fun just to go there.
Since we are closing in on Thanksgiving the store had a display of a cranberry bog...complete with floating cranberries. It sure brought back memories.

Several years ago in the Fall, Tom and I flew up to Cape Cod to stay in the cute town of Chatam at a bed and breakfast. Since I am a native Texan ...and they don't grow cranberries here...I decided while we were there, to try to find a field of cranberries that were being harvested.
So we got directions to a couple of commercial fields .. You see they flood the bog with about 18in. of water, the cranberries float to the top and are gathered. No, this is not my photo. We arrived at the first field to find out that we had missed the harvest....and we never found the second field. I had to settle for a postcard :( Do you like cranberries? I love them and will be making cranberry sauce this week.

Oh Katy (my daughter), cooked a wonderful dinner. Turkey/pork meatloaf with chunks of sweet potatoes mixed in, and a side of lemon garlic fingerling potatoes.


  1. I buy my cranberries from Wisconsin bogs. Delicious. Also found some recipes for all kinds of cranberry dishes. They certainly dress up a meal, don't they?

  2. I must admit I am not so fond of cranberries. Have eaten them once at a Christmas dinner, but didn't like them.

  3. i love chunky cranberry sauce. :)

  4. The cranberry bog is unusual... there's a small town up this way that has a cranberry festival in the fall.

  5. Dearest Janey,
    Just today we made our monthly trip to Atlanta and I came home with cranberries of course. Love to prepare them every year, they are so special. Would love to see such a bog during harvest time.
    Happy for you for being able to visit with daughter #5.
    Wishing all in the family a Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. I like cranberries in sweet and savoury dishes, but didn't realise how they harvest them.

  7. Coming back to tell you that my cranberry cookies and drunken cranberry sauce are delicious. Kitchen smelled great today and the sauce in his glass jar looks terrific!