Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Long Letter

Today would have been my Dad's ninety seventh birthday.(1918-1986). I wanted to show you one of several letters that I received from him. I am the only daughter that ever moved away from this area. Therefore, I am the only daughter he ever wrote to.
This is the beginning of one of those letters that I received in 1982. Are you wondering why he wrote "top" at the beginning of the letter?
Well, for the same reason he wrote "bottom" at the other end. Apparently, the pages weren't numbered, because the letter was one long sheet of paper.
His explanation for this letter being nearly three feet long was that he didn't like to number pages, or write "over". You see, my Daddy had a great sense of humor, and I would like to think I inherited it.

Happy Birthday Daddy.
I miss you, and your funny letters


  1. What a treasure! I would love to have a letter from my daddy. I do have some birthday cards with his signature. I look at that sometimes.

  2. Ah, so my dad's not the only one to have written in block letters.

  3. Yes, it is a unique letter, and wonderful that you have saved it!

  4. Dearest Janey,
    Oh my, your Dad wrote those letters only some four years before he went to heaven... Yes, I too am the only daughter having moved far away and I do have lots of letters, mostly written by my Mom but also by Dad.
    One day I like to scan them all and share them with my siblings, it is precious and gives such a very special and meaningful insight into a person's life...
    Congrats on his 97th Birthday in heaven. He was three years older than my Dad is. We talked with Dad today, he lost another younger brother (90) on Sunday evening...
    Sending you hugs,

    PS Yes, my Dad used block letters a lot as well!

  5. How sweet he wrote you such long letters, a treasure to keep.

  6. How wonderful Janey! A sense of humour is the most endearing quality, I miss my dad too.