Monday, November 30, 2015

The Symphony

Last night on a very rainy cold evening, we went downtown to the beautiful Bass Performance Hall
where we were able to buy discounted group tickets with our fellow students  from T.C.U.

The lobby was very festive with numerous Christmas trees,
along with other holiday displays.
We were there to hear the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra under the direction of the talented Andres Franco, and the Southwestern Seminary Master choir directed by David Thye. They were both  amazing and played all of my favorite Christmas songs.When they preformed the closing number...Jingle Bells. snow (fake), fell from the ceiling, and Santa appeared. It was a wonderful way to start the holiday season!


  1. That sounds nice, you are in a real Christmas mood already I see. Here everybody is busy with Sinterklaas at December 5th first.

  2. A beautiful building! Decorated just right, too.

  3. Music envelopes one's soul and it is indeed a festive way to begin a mostly too-comercialized season. To me, music of this kind is like a prayer, even if it is all seasonal numbers.