Saturday, November 7, 2015

Our Cultural District

One of the reasons we chose the lot where our new house was built, is that there are so many things within walking distance. Shops, restaurants, galleries and Ft. Worth's famed Cultural District, where we visited   yesterday. Although we drove.. Shame on us, because it was  a beautiful day.
If you drive a couple of miles west of downtown, the first  museum you come to, in The Cultural District, is The Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth. It was chartered in 1892 (oldest museum in Texas), but went through several name changes and locations. The current structure was designed by Japanese Architect Tado Ando, and opened in 2002. It houses five long pavilions, displaying world renowned art. Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko to name a few.

Sitting out in front is a 65 ft rusted metal sculpture by Richard Serra, titled The Vortex. Folks like to walk inside it and listen to your voice being echoed.
Funny story here. Tom and I were very new in town, and heard that a finalist in the Van Cliburn Competition would be giving a free piano concert at the foot of the sculpture....They said  to bring your lawn chair and enjoy...which we did. There was a friendly lady sitting next to us, that we struck up a conversation with (actually Tom did). They were chatting away when the program started and someone said "I would like our mayor to say a few words". That is when the nice lady said "excuse me"....and you guessed it ...took the microphone. I can tell you folks she is one nice lady, our Mayor Betsey Price, and very approachable; :)

I know this is getting wordy,. but I did want to tell you that they have a movie theater inside where they show documentaries and limited release films,

and also a beautiful restaurant jutting out over a reflecting pond .They serve a delicious reasonably priced lunch; brunch on Sat. and Sun,. and dinner two nights a week.
Don't miss The Modern when you come to Ft. Worth, Texas


  1. Looks and sounds like a wonderful and modern place to belong to. Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. You have a nice neighbourhood with all the cultural items close by.

  3. I have been viewing your blog, working backwards over time and love what you have sown us.