Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Breakfast With Santa

I know, I know it isn't even Thanksgiving, but the Christmas season has a way of not waiting around here.
Tom and I were in Austin to take our little three year old Hannah to the above,because her Mom was working the event. On the main floor of the convention center there were probably close to a hundred vendors selling their finest ware. ..but we were interested in the event taking place on the second. floor. Breakfast with Santa.
Where there were nicely decorated tables...and various crafts for little ones.
 including these large cookies with edible paint to decorate them with.

Hannah sure had fun
and I think she looked very festive in her Christmas dress. When I tried to dress her (Mom left early), she said "no J.J. that dress is for the holidays". Apparently, she had been trying to wear it to school. I explained that it was indeed the holidays.
She believed me when it was her turn to talk to Santa.
I think Santa was being silly when he ask Hannah if she wanted broccoli for Christmas? Hannah shook her head yes. You see Hannah loves broccoli . We took her to a pizza place recently and the waitress said "what can I get you sweetie", to which Hannah replied "broccoli"..


  1. What a sweet story, she looks adorable in her festive dress. A child that loves broccolli, amazing but very healthy! That father Christmas must have felt of his chair when she answered him!

  2. She's adorable Janey. Christmas cookie painting looks fun. When my granddaughter was about Hannah's age, she was scared to death to sit on Santa's lap. We had to wait until she fell asleep...then laid her in his arms to get a picture. Ha! Hope Santa brings that little sweetie all the broccoli she wants.

  3. She is a beautiful child and looks very confident as she paints and talks to Santa. She already knows that broccoli makes her eyes sparkle?!

  4. She does look adorable!

    Edible paint's new to me.

  5. Hannah in her beautiful dress looks quite at home chatting with Santa. I have a little granddaughter who loves broccoli, too! Happy Thanksgiving, Janey. It's cold here in Breckenridge.

  6. My grandchildren loved broccoli too - they would say "more trees please" when I was serving lunch.
    Hannah looks lovely in her outfit.

  7. Oh, that is too fun that she asked for broccoli...she sure is a cutie.

  8. It was wonderful for you to take her to the event! Can't wait for Christmas!