Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Love It!

Okay I get excited over the craziest things....or maybe I have just been in the mountains too long? You see, we went to the airport this past week to pick someone up, and parked in the parking garage.
I couldn't figure out what the little strings with red lights hanging above the cars were....
until I saw one that was green over an empty space. Oh my! how clever, you can look all the way down a lane and figure out if there is a parking place on that row! How about that?!
 Did you know about these?....and does your town have them?


  1. The Whole Foods on Lamar in Austin has these and also gives you a summary of how many open spots are on each floor when you enter the garage. I wish we had this system at work. The main lot for my building gets so full!

  2. Modern inventions are making life too easy for us!

  3. How clever, I have never seen this before.

  4. that's cool! hadn't seen that before!

  5. I assume something's similar in parking garages here.

  6. Dearest Janey,
    That indeed is quite clever and no, I have not yet seen them.

  7. What a brilliant and helpful idea Jane and no, Perth councils are not that thoughtful :)