Monday, November 2, 2015

What A difference A day Makes

I posted yesterday about our tedious driving trip to Austin, TX.. Parts of Austin experienced flood situations, but the area where my daughter's family lives was spared. We were to babysit while Katy and husband attended the wedding of a close friend. See Oct. Post Here. Alas! it was an outdoor wedding, with no plan B. So, the ceremony was moved into the hotel, with only close family attending, since all of the public rooms were reserved. Poor Jamie was married in the bar of the hotel. The elegant reception was not cancelled
 since it was at another location.

Saturday morning the weather was more promising, so we walked to a local bakery. This running club was out jogging early. 
 Can you tell it was Halloween morning? Yes, some ladies were running in their costumes!
There were promises of a beautiful day by the time we arrived at the bakery. We only stayed long enough to purchase some pastries, since had to get home and prepare for the big party!


  1. Jogging in Hallowe'en costumes! Cinderella's out late (or early) running from the prince!