Sunday, November 8, 2015

Our Culture District part ll

Yesterdays entry told you about the Modern Museum in Ft. Worth, Texas. Moving on up the block, or hill is my very favorite museum, where we have a membership.
The Kimbell Museum, owned by the Kimbell Foundation was the vision of Kay and Velma Kimbell. The museum, certainly new in most people's eyes, was opened in 1972 displaying the Kimbell families large collection of art. Entrance to the permanent collection, which has grown to 350 works, is free to the public.

The award winning design of the building was the work of Russian born architect Louis I. Kahn. Kahn who became a naturalized American citizen in 1914, was educated at the University of Pennsylvania . He was for a time, professor of Architecture at Yale University, where he also  designed their library. His masterpiece, The Kimbell is widely recognized as one of the most significant works of Architecture of recent times.

So, how do you expand this building that also needs house traveling exhibits? Plans were drawn up for wings going off in two directions, but remembering, that the now deceased Louis Kahn, advised that any expansion be a separate building. They hired world renowned Italian born architect Renzo Piano to do just that.(opening in 2013). I'll stop now, since I know a lot of you have other blogs to read....Just wanted to say that Piano in collaboration Richard Rogers, also designed the Pompidou Centre. Paris.Oh, if you didn't dine at the Modern, eat here....I love their casual dining room serving delicious food.


  1. Beautiful and unique building design. Have a beautiful new week!

  2. You picked your new house location well Janey, how fab to have all this culture at your fingertips. the museum expansion has been beautifully executed. The cafe at our museum is called The Muse, I enjoyed that the cafe at yours is The Modern.

  3. What fun you are having as you visit the museums in your area!