Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Day at the Ranch

­čî╣Several of my blogs lately have been about Fort Worth's newest development, the one that until recently was a private ranch.
I also mentioned that it was a multi-use area that included shopping. Well, the first store to open there is a world famous luxury store. They have been in Fort Worth for years, but closed their other location and built a new one here.So many department stores seem to be closing these days, but I understand a lot of luxury suppliers and designers are still not selling online.
Neiman's is also famous for their lunchroom, so when my friend Betty suggested we go see the new store, and have lunch I whole heartily agreed. I mention Betty often since she lives near me in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and also has a summer home near us in the mountains. I found this photo of the new lunchroom online. The younger folk all seem to like contemporary style, but I find it stark. Give me old world any day, especially with a chandelier (or maybe just a view). I can' complain about the food though. It was delicious.
As we were leaving lunch I noticed an area set up for what looked like a style show, so I ask a sales associate what was going on? She confirmed it was a style show, invitation only but she would be happy to find us an empty chair. Well, I ended up on the front row!
I am not even sure who the designers were, but I sure enjoyed the show. By the way the guy in blue was the rather entertaining announcer. Here are just a few of the fashions:

To top it off, we were even invited backstage after wards for champagne and snacks

If that wasn't enough, they gifted everyone with a nice sized bottle of designer cologne!

Not a bad day at "the ranch" if I don't say so myself!
(Betty and moi)


  1. Wow! How fabulous! I know you were happy you were there at the right time and didn't need to rush off. What gorgeous clothes! Hugs, Diane

  2. Dearest Janey,
    That was a perfect day indeed, for you and your friend Betty!
    Both of us always enjoyed lunch at any Neiman Marcus as it is delicious food and safe seating too. When we were still doing Consulting work we once were in Dallas at the 1st Neiman Marcus building when they asked us at the restaurant if Pieter belonged to the group of Prince Charles... That was in December of 1993. We had no inkling that the Royals were there too that morning.
    But also their fashion shows are good. Happy for you both.

  3. It pays to ask questions! It must have been a delightful event to watch, esp when it was unexpected!

  4. What a great opportunity to be invited for a fashion show so unexpectactly! Great photos Janey.