Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Back to Reality

My previous post was about a glamorous style show at a luxury department store....but alas, that is not my regular lifestyle. You are more than likely to run into me at the grocery store.
Which brings up another subject....We have a new grocery store in town. This chain that sells healthy, mostly organic foods has been around for awhile, but not in Ft. Worth. Tom and I have been trying it out for lunch. They have a small eating area and a nice selection of take away food. Tom usually goes for their pizza by the slice, and I like trying a different cup of soup with every visit.
I like this healthy idea. Instead of offering a free cookie to children, as most stores do. They offer a piece of fruit,
but this was new to me, a sports bar right in the middle of the store. I guess their idea is entertain Dad while Mom is shopping??Have you seen this before?


  1. There's one of those here, but no sports bar in it!

  2. I'm need to get back to reality.
    Coffee is on

  3. We never have videos on supermarkets and they all look different from ours, not that big. But I like the idea of free fruit for kids indeed!

  4. Whole Foods is dubbed "Whole Paycheck" by some of the younger folks I know.