Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Dear Friend

 Most of you know that we spend five months of the year in the very small town of Lake City which is high in the San Juan mountain range of Colorado. It is a place where you make fast friends, since most of the people there are just  like us "summer folks." Many of us are retired, so each year when we go back it seems someone is missing. It is always a shock when it is someone you didn't expect. This summer we will be missing a dear friend... Bob. Bob passed away this past week in California.
Dana and Bob
Bob's wife Dana hails from one of the town's founding families, so they have spent most all of their over fifty years of marriage summering in their darling cabin in Lake City.  
Everyone I know always comments how you never see one without the other. Their place is relatively close into town, so they walked everywhere. Not only were they great should have seen them dance...which is something they loved to do. Dana's hobby is gardening and Bob had a keen interest in trains. He did a lot of research on the passenger train that came to Lake City from 1889 to 1933. All traces of that train disappeared in 1937 when they  pulled up even the tracks.. Bob took many hikes, accompanied with old maps, trying to find signs that the train was ever there. Tom and I went along on one of the hikes when he was trying to locate one (of many) old bridge crossings. He did locate it near where The Lake Fork of the Gunnison River spills into Lake Blue Mesa .He became such an expert that he gave lectures at the museum and his train related field trips were always sold out.One of the many ways he benefited the museum.
 He was also a member of our Victorian Tea committee (our husbands). The men actually filled the tea pots, and were responsible for keeping them filled...not to mention physically setting up many many tables and tents. That is Bob third 
from left.
Bob will be missed.


  1. Oh what a sad news for you, you will certainly miss him when you know him such a long time already. Wish you all the best wit this loss.

  2. He seemed to have lived life to the full.

  3. Oh, dear! I think that she is going to need lots of support from the community.