Monday, April 17, 2017


I am a little late wishing everyone a Happy Easter.
My little granddaughter Hannah was here and we have been very busy, doing important things.
Cookies by niece Kristin
 Our large family gathered at my sister Polly's for a wonderful Easter dinner.
There was a huge gathering of kinfolks and lots of delicious food,
and of course an Easter egg hunt.

If you celebrate this holiday. I hope you were with family or friends.


  1. I can tell from your granddaughter's face that you have been doing some serious work.

  2. It looks as if you had a lovely family time at Easter - little Hannah is getting so grown up

  3. Lovely pictures of your sweet Hannah and family outing

  4. I was wondering if people still dyed boiled eggs for Easter and it was so much fun to see your granddaughter keeping the tradition alive! Brought back lots of happy memories. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That looks so much fun Janey. We do that too, the painting of the boiled eggs and rolling them down the hill where we have our Easter picnic always goes down a treat with all the youngsters in the family ☺

  6. It looks like you had a good time!

  7. Hannah is definitely intent upon doing her Easter job!