Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Painting.

Last Spring Tom and I went on a River Cruise down through southern France, along with my sister Polly and her husband Mike. Polly's hobby, which is now could be considered a part time job.... is photography, so as you can imagine she was delighted by the photo ops the streets of France provided her!
Arles, France
I am not sure that I can explain her technique here...maybe she will read this and correct me. Anyway, I will try. She has a setting on her camera that takes several frames of the same photo.....combining them for the best shot. Then I think she uses an app on her computer that makes it look like a painting. When she returned from France, she sent several pieces of her work to a photo lab that transferred the imagines onto a watercolor type paper, which indeed produced the effect she was looking for.. I picked up this one yesterday(a small 5x7),  framed it and have it displayed on a small shelf in a guest room. I was thrilled by the finished product...Thanks Polly


  1. There is no mistaking this is France. The technique has produced a beautiful piece of work.

  2. Gosh, it's gorgeous! Frame worthy, for sure!

  3. It gives a very good likeness to a painting - well done Polly

  4. It looks very nice, almost a real paiinting. With computers you can make everything you like nowadays.