Friday, April 7, 2017


In the age of so many "devices", I was delighted to receive these two pictures this week.
My daughter(in North Carolina) was looking for her two year old Abigail, and found her in the closet with a stack of books .
A rainy day in Fort Worth called for a makeshift tent at my sister's house.... an attempt to entertain her grandsons. I just  adore how Jack is reading to his little brother Rye.


  1. It is a joy to see children enjoy books.

  2. So sweet Janey. I remember my daughter reading a book, I think she was three and she knew exactly what the text was. She had heard it so often when I was reading it loud that she remembered the text that belonged to the right picture.That was so cute to see and hear, she turning pages and speaking loud as if she could read!

  3. Building forts- a very kid thing to do!

  4. How wonderful to have these photos!