Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Special Visitor

I have been very busy entertaining a  special guest.You see we convinced daughter #5 to leave our little four year old granddaughter Hannah here for the week after Easter.
Let's see...What should we do? Even though she was totally happy just helping around the house
as long as she could reach it with the help of her stool.

We thought maybe we should think of some fun things to do.
Our Ft. Worth Stockyards are always a sure bet...
where they have a twice daily parade of the longhorn steers.
 Although she decided this was close enough to this one.
The Ft. Worth zoo is always a great idea...She thought so too.
Where she said her favorite thing was feeding the birds.
 Gramps was a huge help this week. He took her to the park, and to a Smurfs movie
and another place that we won't mention to her kale and quinoa eating parents. 

So...we have returned Hannah to Austin and we are catching our breath , since we have some special cousins arriving here tomorrow. Yep, if you are looking for me..I am back in the laundry room wishing my little helper was here.


  1. Can't wait to get there....can we go to the zoo?

  2. Grandchildren are the best helpers ever! Looks like you showed her a good time, one that she won't forget. Great memory making week, Janey.

  3. You are giving little Hannah a gift that will last for a lifetime. Attention from grandparents that are freely given is the best thing to do for these developing children. Kudos for you!!

  4. Looks like you did lots of fun things! You're having a busy week...and a great one! Enjoy your visitors! Hugs, Diane

  5. What a lovely week for you all - perfect weather, too!

  6. Such a nice serie of photos of Hannah. I can see she enjoyed her time with you, the simple things they like the best. Just ordinary household works can be exciting with a grandmother who takes the time and doesn't need to hurry.