Sunday, August 5, 2012

Christmas in July

Yes, I know that I cut the top of the tree off! The room was so crowded I couldn't back up!

 This is one of the favorite fundraisers that I attend every summer ( and yes it was in July). Everyone that comes pays $30. A new book is purchased for the library with that money, and is gift wrapped and put under the tree. You draw a number when you arrive, and we take turns (according to your number.) You can either open a new book or steal one that has been opened. At the end of the evening ...You just get to take the new book home and read it first, and it goes on the new book shelf of our little library. It is so much fun. You have never seen so much stealing going on! It is also a potluck, so there is plenty of food there. A fun evening that's beneficial to the library!
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  1. It's a truly innovative fundraiser!

  2. that's a great and fun way to raise money. :)

  3. I will tell the idea to my former collegues, they suffer a lack for money to buy books!

  4. Stealing for a good cause haha! Looks like such a great idea Janey.