Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Guest Bath

On the top level of our summer cabin, we have a rather small guest bath that has to serve three bedrooms. 

Concerned about the lack of space...I was successful in talking  a local tin artist (and new friend)  into making these fronts (below) for a locker system that a cabinet maker had agreed to build.. Carol used rusted tin from a roof of a barn, that she found in New Mexico.  She pounded out the ripples and made them flat. Then she punched holes so that there would be air flow.
Guests get to choose from a Tree, Moose, Bear, or Elk. For some reason the bear is the most popular.

A close up to show the tree design that she punched in the panel.

This way guests, sharing this tiny bath, have a place to leave their personal belongings.

* Sadly Carol, the local artist, died at a young age the following year.... from ovarian cancer.:(
She left us a one of a kind memory...
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  1. She was a creative and successful with this design. Ovarian cancer is a curse!

  2. oh, so very sad about the artist. this is a fabulous work of usable art! how very clever!

  3. I think your lifestyle sounds fascinating - - Colorado is beautiful!! New follower here!

  4. I had a connection error, so I try again, maybe I am 3 times here now. Your friend did a great job, so sad she is not here anymore.

    1. You are only here once Marianne.

      Carol was sooo neat. It was such a loss. I will have to write about her on this blog one day.

  5. What a wonderful idea Jane, Carol did a wonderful job here, how very sad that someone so young and talented is no longer here.