Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Post

I no longer have a bird feeder on my deck...for good reason. We are in bear country. Bears will come up on your deck and swat down your feeder....then become a regular visitor. So, I put out a small amount of bread on a deck post every morning.

Walking the rail, in tightrope fashion, is a Clark's Nutcracker

This pretty guy is a Steller Jay. He's a noisy fellow and will sit in the tree and squawk at me until I show up with the bread

Then there is this pesky little squirrel who likes to chase off all of the birds and have more than his share.
I love mornings
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  1. I agree with you...mornings are the best! What a shame about the bird feeders; one of my many summer pleasures is watching the birds at the feeders. We always have more during the summer than the winter, and I wonder why that is...guess I'd better research that little conundrum.

  2. You still manage to get some great shots, the birds (and squirrels) get their breakfast, and the best thing NO bears, hopefully.

  3. so cute! good for you for being careful of the bears! i'm glad i don't have to worry about them here. my sis in U.P. Michigan has them at her doorstep a lot.

  4. How cute they all come visit you and even call you to hurry up.